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About Our Methods

Piano Method

Our studio offers a most unique way of teaching piano that is only offered in our music studio!  We offer a private one on one piano option which is what most music studios as well as private teachers offer but in addition we offer a piano lab!  Our piano lab was created by Mr.  Krueger and he has written his own copyrighted piano method called piano tabliture.  With Mr. Krueger’s piano method, the student goes to three privately instructed areas for ten minutes each.  One room the student is taught traditional piano method, which is what most teachers offer, the second room the student learns Mr. Krueger’s piano tabliture method which is basically teaching the student chordal structures with rhythmical patterns, playing right hand melody high. This method teaches the student how to apply music theory to the piano and all students love this teaching method because they are quickly playing with both hand sometimes in one lesson.  The next room is our computer lab and the student works with an award-winning computer program titled piano discovery.  The student learns music theory, how to count, musical terms and actually plays songs on the keyboard that is connected to the computer.  Each student is awarded a nice printed out certificate after passing lessons with their name and date and lesson title that the student passes.


At this point, we do not know of anyone else in the country offering this option of teaching piano, we are very proud of what we have created in the area of piano instruction.

Voice Instruction

Mr. Jones has developed the voice lab and has developed a sound vocal program when it comes to the art of teaching voice.  Every student is approached as an individual when it comes to voice instruction so every student is assessed and a personalized instruction program is designed for the student.  All vocal students are instructed in correct principles of breathing, vocal placement, diction/enunciation, intonation, ear training, vocal expression, characterization, stage performance principles which include personal charisma, presentation, vocal interpretation. We are extremely careful and diligent when teaching younger voices. Basic technique principles are taught but heavy technique exercises are limited so as not to hurt or damage a young voice.
There are many performance opportunities in the studio which range from recitals, two a year to competitions such as district solo and ensemble contest held every march and also district and all state tryouts held every October.  There are three voice teachers that groom students for this event and Mid-America Music Festival competition which is the end of July every summer.  Student also have the opportunity to go to retirement homes and perform for the residents which gives the student performance experience and increases personal confidence.
Mr. Jones expertise is grooming students for district and state tryouts and also mid -america festival competitions.  He is a member in good standing with the national association of singing teachers of america.  In 2012, 2013 and 2014 he has had first, second and third place winners in the vocal musical theater division national competitions Mr. Jones also grooms high school students for college musical theater auditions and also any performance college auditions.  All national competitions are held at Webster university.  He was selected to be in who’s who in america as a master musical vocal instructor.
All lessons are thirty minutes in duration, some are hour lessons depending on the needs of the student and age range varies from age 6 to adult. Vocal lessons are scheduled Monday through Thursday basically four to nine p.m. Instructors will make audio cd’s for each student that contain technique exercises the student will practice daily as well the vocal literature selections.
All vocal students are instructed in classical, musical theater, gospel, pop, folk, jazz styles so as to give the student a well-rounded vocal musical education.  However, the instructor will specialize the lessons based on the students needs and desires.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Violin/Viola Method

As a performer and instructor, Mr. Huppert loves to share the beauty of music with anyone who is interested. Using a comprehensive teaching approach that addresses technical concerns for playing a string instrument (violin and viola) from early beginners (5 years of age) to adult intermediates, and professionals. A complete understanding of the technical challenges inherent in learning to play the violin, or viola is a regular component of lessons. In addition, the musical tastes of the student are considered. Many styles of music can be studied — classical, gospel, fiddle styles, pop, movie, and video game music. Music notation/reading skills are also addressed in a comprehensive and effective manner.